Carolina Blanco  is our founder and director. The Artsy Hippo was born from her desire, as a parent to have high-quality, enriching programs, right in our schools.  

Carolina  is also a Miami based artist with a Master in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti in the city of Terni in Italy. In addition to holding a Professional Certification in Drawing and Painting from the Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy.   Even though her passion has always been art, her professional career started in a very different field. Carolina also holds a Master of Business Administration, MBA, from Dominican University in River Forest , Illinois and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Universidad Jose Ma Vargas,in her native Caracas, Venezuela.

She has been making art since childhood.  Her visual art includes mixed media collages, acrylic paintings and watercolors. Her paintings have been exhibited and are in private collections in several countries. Carolina is familiar with large public art through her work as a muralist. She has worked as an artist mentor with the mile-long Hubbard Street Mural Project in Chicago, Illinois; for which her work was selected.
To see her art including her mural project please visit:

Having a special passion for teaching, she has been an  Art teacher and one-on-one freelance art instructor and coach, for the last five years.  By being an active participant of her children’s school PTA  came the idea of starting an after school program dedicated just to the Arts. Carolina sees endless possibilities in terms of a child can create from basic materials. She designed a fun and dynamic program to expose children to different media and to guide them in the process of expressing their imagination through art.

In her own words….” I believe every kid is an artist and us, as parents just have to give them the possibility to experiment, create and express themselves artistically. In my classes, the kids get exposure to many art materials and techniques and I guide them in the process of expressing their imagination through art. 

Our Founder